BPA Free Thermal Labels

Are your thermal labels BPA-free?

What is BPA?

BPA (Bisphenol A) is a mass-produced industrial chemical used primarily in plastics. It is also used in some direct thermal label materials.

BPA is thought to have various adverse health effects (cancer, brain problems, heart conditions etc).

A regulation has been published by the European Commission and on 2nd January 2020, BPA will be banned in Europe. After that date, it will be illegal for us to sell you Thermal Labels containing BPA.

To find out more, click here to visit the UK Food Safety Agency’s webpage on BPA in plastics.

How do I know if the label materials I am using contain BPA?

BPA does not appear in all thermal labels. It only appears in some economy grades. Thermal paper commonly used in the food sector for receipt paper, weighing scale labels and outer packaging/box end labels have traditionally used BPA adhesive.

There are too many types and brands of labels for us to list here. We can check for you the details of the materials that you are using.

Get in touch today and we will be happy to confirm whether your Thermal Labels are compliant or not.

Are you ready for the new legislation on 2nd Jan 2020?

Dakota can supply BPA-free compliant labels

Our BPA-free offering includes legislation-compliant thermal papers. We can offer you cost effective label alternatives, available in a range of sizes or custom sized for any label printer or application.

As one of Zebra Technologies key partners in the UK, we can offer you Zebra genuine BPA-free material options from their Zip-Ship range.

How does this affect my business?

The regulation is aimed at reducing the risk of over exposure to BPA within your organisation. Your Company may be printing Direct Thermal Label with BPA adhesive and applying them to products, boxes or outer packaging. If this is the case, then we can help you to comply to the new legislation.

Be a step ahead of your competitors

Here are a few easy steps for you to follow:

  1. Contact us to check whether the thermal label papers you use are BPA-free
  2. Start sourcing BPA-free alternatives from Dakota, your reliable supplier of BPA-free thermal label papers
  3. Ensure that your old stocks of label papers containing BPA are used by December 2019