Currently printing barcode labels for food products? Are you compliant with the EU Food Allergen Labeling Regulation?

23rd September 2014

From 13th December 2014, food manufacturers will have to clearly highlight allergens in the ingredient list of all food manufactured and sold within the EU. This is to comply with EU Regulation 1169/2011 (full details of this regulation can be found here), and help provide customers with greater clarity on substances and products which can cause allergies or intolerances).

Are you ready and compliant? 

If not, you haven’t got long to update or upgrade your labelling systems. We can help you create and print compliant barcode labels!

With Dakota and NiceLabel, you can be compliant with minimum effort to setup and maintain. The new regulation requires you to clearly highlight allergens in the ingredients list, not in a separate text box. This makes it difficult to encode the labels as a printer language template.

NiceLabel generates smart label templates, allowing you to store product data in a database, not in a label design. This means you can use a single label template for all your products. In doing so:

  • The management of your product data is easier
  • The number of label variations is minimised
  • You print more efficiently

To find out more, please click here to download our EU Food Allergen Labeling Regulation PDF, which includes a free 30 day trial.

If you have any question or wish to discuss your requirements in details, please contact us.

Remember, this is a EU Regulation, and you have no choice but to comply!

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