Motorola latest product releases in support of the "paper-light NHS" promise

8th December 2014

Motorola AP7502E Access Point: 
one of the easiest and most cost effective way to deliver high-speed wireless connectivity in hospital patient rooms

Motorola AP7502E

The pocket-sized AP7502E Access Point is ideal in NHS Hospital environments where wireless infrastructure is a challenge, especially in older buildings, where cabling routes and signal strength issues occur.

To find out more, please read our blog post on the Motorola AP7502E Access Point or visit our e-commerce site,, for full product specifications.

Motorola CS4070


Motorola CS4070 pocket-size 2D barcode scanner:
compatible with iPod, iPhone & iPad devices 

The CS4070 is ideal to add 2D barcode scanning to Apple devices  where scanning is required. As companion scanner to tablet PCs, this product easily enables the implementation of 2D barcode scanning in projects where the costs of mobility or the size and weight of a traditional barcode scanning device could be seen as inhibitng factors. To find out more, please read our blog post about the Motorola CS4070 compact 2D barcode scanner. For full product details and specification, please visit our e-commerce website at