Specimen Labelling

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Pre-printed specimen labels via sheet fed laser printer can lead to a variety of issues, from sheets jamming and labels being printed onto A4 paper, right up to labels being applied to the wrong specimen tube!

Ensuring that blood and pathology specimen labels are correctly labelled at the point of care will improve efficiencies, lead to increased patient safety and help reduce clinical risk.

Dakota’s specimen label printing solution has the ability to integrate with your hospital system and print specimen labels at the point of care, reducing the risk of a sample being mis-identified. We also have the ability to incorporate a 1D or 2D barcode onto the label, to ensure the sample can be traced through the entire specimen testing process.

From a label printing perspective Zebra’s range of range of mobile portable printers are ideal for this application, being lightweight, portable and with healthcare specific wipe down plastics.    

We have deployed this solution at a number of NHS Trusts. 

For more information on how Dakota can help, please contact us today - or visit our Healthcare website to find out more about Specimen Bag Tracking.

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