Dakota to launch pharmacy discharge mobile carts at Patient First

12th October 2015

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Patient First is the UK's largest patient safety conference, connecting technology suppliers with those actively looking for solutions to prevent harm and improve patient care.

Dakota Healthcare is exhibiting on Stand i55, and in partnership with RDP and 3AM Technologies, will be launching at Patient First the ServeRx SmartCart, a complete medication management solution consisting of automation software and medication cabinets. 

The ServeRx pharmacy dispensing carts have already been successfully implemented at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (Harlow). They were introduced to improve the process of managing medication packs to take away (TTA) when patients are discharged from hospital. Pharmacists used to validate the TTA at ward level, before the script was sent back to the dispensary for dispensing, and final checks carried out. This process could take up to 4 hours. Since the introduction of the SmartCarts, medication is taken to the relevant ward, and the script dispensed at ward level.This has seen a huge reduction in TTA turnaround times and a reduction in patient discharge time by up to 24 hours in some cases. The introduction of the dispensing carts relieved pressure on the dispensary and is an efficient way of preparing patients for discharge, therefore preventing bed blocking. Using the carts has also eliminated the risk fo medications getting lost in transit.

We will demonstrating our new pharmacy discharge cart on Stand i55 and look forward to meeting you there!