It’s all about Dakota.

Dakota Integrated Solutions is a technology-centric, customer-focused company which is well-versed in the provision and deployment of digital data capture, printing, mobility, support and voice-enabled solutions across a diverse range of environments. As technological advances emerge and develop, so do our solutions.

Thanks to our team of experts and their years of industry experience, we provide our customers with the most up-to-date and fit-for-purpose tools they need in order to maximise efficiencies and drive cost savings across their enterprise.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver a range of technology-centric, industry-leading data capture solutions into the hands of our customers which are designed to enrich and empower their business processes, whilst maintaining our service-focused approach.

As technological advances develop, so do our solutions. Thanks to our consultative methodology and strategic approach, combined with high levels of expertise and rich industry knowledge, we are well-placed to offer advice and recommendations to support our clients in the selection of the right devices and technologies for their specific requirements, helping them to achieve improved business practices through the deployment of reliable, innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions.

It’s all about our Customers.

Our ethos is to support and retain our clients through the provision of outstanding customer service.

Our value-add is our consultative approach. We offer advice and recommendations to help our customers select the right devices and technology for their specific requirements.

Our strength is the ability to offer a complete solution, enabling our customers to deal with only one supplier partner for all their data capture and printing requirements, whilst guiding them through the whole process, from product selection to implementation.

Our focus is our customers.

To find out more about Dakota and the products & services we offer, download our Dakota Factsheet here.