Voice Solutions for Healthcare

Offering a wealth of advantages over traditional RF scanning and paper-based picking, voice-directed data capture solutions are fast becoming a popular choice within a variety of healthcare-focused environments, such as pharmaceutical distribution centres.

Conceptually, voice-directed picking is very similar to more traditional picking methods however with voice, prompts are delivered and responses are provided through the spoken word.

How Does it Work?

Voice-directed technology allows for the automation of picking and packing processes within a distribution centre which are traditionally paper or RF scanning-based.

Operators use a compact, wearable computer with a headset to receive picklist instructions by voice. The computer is connected to the host system (ERP or WMS) over a wireless network, so operators are able to communicate directly with the host system whilst working ‘hands-and-eyes-free.’

Unlike with paper or RF terminal-based systems, the operator is able to confirm his or her actions verbally back to the system in real-time, enabling the complete spectrum of distribution processes to be controlled by voice technology.

This helps mission-critical applications to become more streamlined, effective and productive due to the elimination of inefficiencies within virtually every aspect of the supply chain.

Real-time, accurate information on all distribution processes is enabled, helping to increase accuracy and productivity whilst removing unnecessary costs from any business.

It Pays for Itself

There is no question that voice-directed picking can produce an impressive return on investment (ROI) in the correct application.

For businesses that have fast-moving picking environments, broad SKU lists and more than ten product pickers, voice-directed technology is capable of producing game-changing results. 

Whilst the benefits of voice-directed technology are numerous, it is also worthwhile noting that as well as producing an impressive ROI, voice-directed technology can also help businesses increase worker productivity by up to 35 percent, whilst reducing errors by up to 50 percent.

Operator training times are also lessened, which is particularly useful in the case of seasonal workers, while paper and label consumption is also reduced.

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like to find out more about how voice technology can produce game-changing results for your healthcare distribution business, contact Dakota today.

You can also download our Voice Solutions for Healthcare Distribution Fact File and our Voice Solutions for Pharmaceutical Distribution information sheet.