Maximise the uptime of your investment.

Protect your investment.

Used on a daily basis, your data capture solution promotes a range of benefits, including streamlined operations and enhanced decision-making. At Dakota, we believe that service and support contracts form an integral part of your data capture solution and assist in maximising the uptime of your investment.

Ideally, your solution should work all of the time, however on the occasion that something does stop working, the effects can drastically reduce productivity and efficiency. Whatever the cause, solution downtime can affect the whole organisation.

Successful businesses understand that solution service and support agreements are not just a safety net they rely on if their systems go down; the right kind of IT Support is essential to the success of their entire operation.

In order to ensure that your organisation is not unnecessarily exposed to the risks of downtime, we offer a range of managed service offerings pertaining to both the support and maintenance of supplied hardware and accompanying software solutions, in addition to professional service offerings such as project management and technical requirement analysis services to aid in the delivery and implementation of our provided solutions.

Underpinned by our own in-house expertise, our managed service and professional service offerings are constructed to give you complete peace of mind by investing in expertise which will oversee the end-to-end delivery and maintenance of your solution, allowing for efficient supply and cost saving opportunities.

They also ensure a single, central point of contact with one of our specialists who are always on hand to answer questions or advise you. We offer a range of service and support contracts to suit your needs and budget. 

Contact us today to find out more and protect your investment. 

If you are an existing Dakota customer and have a hardware repair, maintenance or support enquiry, please log a ticket with us via our cloud-based portal.