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We offer a wide selection of products from industry-leading manufacturers, guaranteed to enhance your printing experience and prolong the life of your devices.

Block Out Labels

A quick and cost-effective alternative to entirely re-labelling products, block-out labels are also known as cover-up labels. There are many varieties of black out labels available including white, colour, weatherproof, pre-printed or blank. Thermal or direct thermal options are also available. 

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Custom Labels

Need something a little different? 

At Dakota, we provide consultancy services to give you a helping hand with label design and printing solutions to help you select the right labels for your business – we can even help you design your own labels from scratch.

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Paper Labels

Paper labels are ideal for applications where a shorter label shelf-life is required. With a range of different types on offer, paper labels have a number of adhesive options, including standard permanent, high-tack permanent and removable. Direct thermal paper labels are ideal for minimal shelf-life applications, while thermal transfer paper labels are ideal for longer-lasting lifespan requirements.

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Piggyback Labels

Piggyback labels consist of two separate layers of material whereby a label is stuck on top of another and the bottom layer forms the backing for the top label. They are mostly used in direct mail marketing campaigns when a quick and easy reply is required, as one label can be attached to goods and the other can be applied to relevant forms as needed.

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Pre-Printed Labels

Fixed data labels are perfect for large batches and repeat orders. At Dakota, we can work with you to customise your label design and print them for you, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

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Printer Ribbons

Print label quality and durability expectations depend on the perfect ‘matched solution’ between the ink ribbon and the selected label material.

Wax ribbons work best with paper labels where fast print speeds are required and within industrial environments where there is little to no exposure to chemicals or abrasive substances. 

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The printhead is the heart of the label printer and with every print task, the printhead is exposed to stress and strain. The constant friction and dirt of the label material make periodic changing of the printhead inevitable, even with the best of care, in order to reduce device downtime and inconsistent print quality.

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RFID Labels

Suitable for any label size or configuration, RFID labels can be read from almost any orientation up to a read range of 20m. With the ability to be pre-printed with colour-flood coats, graphics or labels, RFID labels deliver consistent, reliable performance and an impressive return on investment.

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Synthetic Labels

With many different types of materials on offer, synthetic labels come in a range of different shapes and sizes and are resistant to chemicals and harsh, corrosive substances, making them suitable for tough applications and working environments, such as automotive and pharmaceutical.

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Available in both synthetic, paper and card varieties, tags are suitable for a range of outdoor and in-premise environments. With the ability to be hard-wearing, durable and chemical-resistant depending on the material you choose, tags can be used for wide range of applications within industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, warehousing and manufacturing.

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Tamper-Evident Labels

Constructed out of a solvent-cast PVC film, tamper-evident labels offer permanent acrylic adhesive features and excellent tack and adhesion on a wide variety of products, even those with slightly rough or curved surfaces.

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Textile Labels

Used for labelling clothing, safety seats and belts and certain leisure items, textile labels come in a variety of forms.  Wash care labels give valuable product information about the product and how to care for it, making them the must-have label variety for the textile and clothing industries.

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Hospitality Wristbands

Suitable for a range of applications as long as your arm, wristbands come in a multitude of materials, colours, shapes and sizes. Frequently used within the leisure, hospitality and healthcare industries, wristbands can also be RFID-compatible, extending their use further. We can also arrange for pre-printed wristbands should they be required.

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