Medical Records Labels

Medical records can be extensive and can easily become disorganised.  We provide case note labels which can last both short term and long term in a variety of different sizes compatible with a wide range of thermal transfer and direct thermal printer makes and models.

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Pharmacy Labels

It is critical to ensure that the information on your medicine dispensing label is clear and legible. Thanks to our years of experience in pharmacy labelling, we are able to recommend a range of labels and printers which are built to provide solutions best-suited to pharmacy departments.

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Slide Labels

Printing directly onto slides can be both expensive and in some cases, unreliable.  We have developed a fast and reliable slide labelling solution using thermal transfer print technology which allows a printed label to be applied to the slide for clear sample identification, reducing risk and improving traceability.

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Specimen Labels

We offer a comprehensive range of specimen labels which are compatible with a wide variety of printer makes and models.  Labels are available in a variety of sizes to compliment NHS Order Comms software systems, including Sunquest ICE, CliniSys, Meditech, Cerner and Lorenzo.

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Theatre Tray Labels

Our high temperature label and ribbon combination can withstand autoclave sterilisation and is designed for easy attachment onto surgical trays.

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