Electronic Proof of Delivery

Increase the reliability and accuracy of your Electronic Proof of Delivery processes.

For any Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) application, the provision of reliable and accurate data is key, whether you are delivering your own product or somebody else’s.

At Dakota we understand these requirements, both from a business and consumer perspective, and have created a range of solutions whereby proof of delivery information is collected and distributed reliably, accurately and on time.

As well as facilitating the collection of signatures, images and data to prove that a delivery has taken place and feeding this information ‘back to base’ or to the customer in real-time, helping to improve client satisfaction and reduce the number of queries relating to incorrect or misplaced deliveries, we also understand the need to manage ‘return to depot’ processes, all of which can pose problems for businesses and consumers alike.

In addition, our solutions are equipped to handle route configuration and planning, helping to reduce costs through route efficiency, while GPS usage enables managers to pinpoint driver locations in order to provide up-to-date delivery timescales and updates.

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