GS1 Compliance

Consistently readable barcodes.

The need for your barcodes and labels to be consistent at any stage within the supply chain is critical. Failure to do so will result in process interruptions, decreased throughput and a large amount of time and money spent on resolving issues.

As a GS1 Partner, Dakota understands the need for barcode readability and the supply of GS1-compliant shipping labels to ensure that your supply chain runs as efficiently as possible.

Thanks to years of experience, our team of experts is well-versed in the provision of the correct combination of data capture hardware, software and services in order to help you achieve your barcode readability goals, reducing the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry, helping you realise a successful, profitable and smooth-flowing supply chain.

Our relationship with GS1 combined with our deep industry knowledge base means that we are well-placed to advise on the best products and solutions to help you achieve streamlined processes and enhanced product traceability through the adoption of GS1 barcoding standards.

To find out more about how Dakota can help you realise the benefits of GS1-compliance, contact us today.

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