eTrakLogic Track & Trace Solutions for the NHS

GS1 UK-approved fully customisable track & trace solution specifically developed for the healthcare sector

eTrakLogic is a fully hosted, cost effective and scalable solution which facilitates the accurate tracking of anything in transit, such as blood samples, specimens, assets or pharmaceuticals. It can even be used to monitor the patient transport service.

eTrakLogic is a cloud-based solution that provides notifications, comprehensive dashboards & reports relating to workforce, jobs & assets.

The complementary eTrakLogic Driver App also enables the accurate recording of trip details and locational information for full traceability.

eTrakLogic Use Cases

Specimen Tracking

eTrakLogic enables the real-time digital capture of information and data stored within barcodes printed on specimen labels and tags. This ensures that the full chain of custody of a particular specimen is recorded right from the point of collection, such as a GP surgery, a medical centre or other hospital department. 

The sample is then tracked from the collection point right through to the laboratory for testing, so sample whereabouts are recorded and traced at all times, minimising the prospect of misplaced items and allowing care to be administered to the patient as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Asset Tracking

The management of assets such as furniture, IT equipment, all types of hospital assets and consumables within any healthcare facility can be an onerous and time-consuming task, with the measure of performance within various hospital departments often being dependent on the way various assets are managed and maintained.

eTrakLogic ensures the real-time locational information of any clinical asset, resulting in a better utilisation of medical equipment, helping to save time searching for specific items whilst lowering operational and replacement costs.

Patient Transport Service

eTrakLogic can be used to manage the transport of patients to and from their homes to out-patient appointments, clinics, physiotherapy or non-urgent inter-hospital transfers.

 How The eTrakLogic Driver App Works

eTrakLogic Features & Benefits at a Glance

  • Fully customisable & hosted solution
  • Real-time data capture
  • Replace manual processes
  • Receive instant job updates
  • Facilitates easy communication between staff
  • Route optimisation & navigation options
  • Customisable alerts for items in transit
  • Option to integrate with back-office systems
  • Generate & export reports in various formats
  • SaaS (end-to-end service provision)
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Multiple use cases

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