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Improve your track & trace processes.

The tracking of fixed, roaming assets and items across multiple sites or within your distribution network is essential to ensure that they are used and managed correctly with maximum efficiency.

At Dakota, we understand the need to identify the location of in-premise assets and items in transit. Our FieldLogic software solution enables businesses to accurately track items’ whereabouts whilst delivering the information on real-time dashboards for real-time ease-of-location visibility.

Offering seamless integration to your host business system, our FieldLogic solution helps to avoid time-consuming and error-prone stock checks often associated with paper-based systems, while also identifying which assets are in use and their location, helping to monitor asset utilisation and maintenance schedules, as well as eliminating time spent searching for individual items.

In terms of the location of items within a distribution network, the FieldLogic solution enables the tracking and tracing of items in transit, helping to provide accurate delivery times and enhancing scheduling capabilities, helping to boost customer service and overall efficiency and productivity flow.

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