Warehouse Data Capture Solutions

Take control of your warehouse.

In order to meet customer orders and keep your warehouse running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to ensure that production planning, stock rotation and inventory management are under full control.

At Dakota, we have a suite of products and solutions available which allow you to do just that.

We can help you to streamline production and planning processes and maximise your throughput, order accuracy and productivity, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and profitability by removing unnecessary costs from your business.

Our products and solutions give you access to real-time stock levels, transaction data and order visibility, so you can reduce the need for surplus stock and provide accurate and feasible timescales to your customers.

By implementing automated multi-channel solutions to your overall operation and key warehouse processes thanks to the latest Auto-ID hardware and software, you can also eliminate paperwork administration, enabling your warehouse management team to complete tasks faster and with more accuracy.

To find out more about how Dakota can help you realise the benefits of an automated warehouse, contact us today.

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