'Partner Spotlight Of The Month' Interview With Peter Holland At Jarltech

2nd February 2024

Welcome to the seventh of our ‘Partner Spotlight of the Month’ interviews!

In the past, we have brought you customer, vendor and staff interviews, so now we thought it would be interesting to see what our partners have to say about us!

This month we spoke with Peter Holland, Northern European Regional Sales Manager at Jarltech, to find out his thoughts on all things Dakota!

1. How long have you been in your current role at Jarltech?

I have been with Jarltech for nearly 5 years after previously working for a vendor, but started my most recent role as RSM for Northern Europe on the 1st January 2024.


2. Can you tell us more about Jarltech?

Yes, of course. Jarltech is a value-added distributor of AIDC and POS hardware and solutions. We are German-owned and operated. Our CEO and founder is to this day the only shareholder of the business and that allows us to operate with more flexibility and financial freedom than our competitors.

We currently have fourteen sales offices across Europe, servicing customers in forty-four countries and operations in the UAE and China, representing key vendors such as Zebra, Honeywell, Datalogic, Newland, Ivanti, Epson, TSC, Bixolon, Panasonic, Getac, TSC, ELO, and iiyama, to name but a few.

We pride ourselves on having a personality, so whilst not a corporate business, we are very professional, however we also put a huge focus on building personal connections, partnerships, business outcomes and maintaining a first-class overall customer experience. 


3. What does your role within Jarltech involve?

As Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe, I take responsibility for the UK, Ireland, the Nordics and the Baltics. I have two Country Managers, Harriette Wysocki for UK&I and Edwin Dekker for the Nordic/Baltic region reporting into me. Between them we have a team of thirty-two dedicated sales professionals in roles ranging from Account Management to Business Development and Support. 

My position is about creating and deploying the sales, marketing, commercial and operational strategies for the business in the region whilst also taking an active interest in vendor management, personal/professional development and sales enablement.


4. How long have you known the team at Dakota?

I have worked with Dakota as a business for nearly ten years and the current team from a strategic perspective for the last 4 years.


5. What is Dakota like to interact with on a business basis?

Dakota is a very professional, approachable and partnership-oriented customer which fits well in line with the ethos and methodology of how Jarltech works. The other added benefit is that being based in the North of England like me, the personality, sense of humour, direct and honest approach to business falls well in line with my own sensibilities. 

We also share the same focus that the customer is key and as such all of our efforts and focus is channelled towards maintaining high standards of service whilst also looking for opportunities to introduce efficiencies and outcomes through solutions and digital transformation.


6. What attributes does Jarltech require when seeking strategic partnerships with businesses such as Dakota?

The clue is in the question. PARTNERSHIP. Jarltech operates solely with businesses that embody the true meaning of that word. Partnership to us is about open and honest communication, sharing wins and losses, celebrating success and learning together from missed opportunities. 

We grow our business by growing others and Dakota follows this rationale, but with a distinct focus on delivering systems and solutions into key verticals to create operational efficiencies and cost savings.

At the root of any partnership is trust and this takes time to build but seconds to lose. So by maintaining a partnership that is based on clarity, transparency and accountability, we build the trust that strengthens the relationship and delivers key opportunities for learning and growth.


7. What benefits do you think Dakota’s partnership contributes to Jarltech’s overall ecosystem?

Working with the team of highly-skilled, capable, professional and downright nice people benefits Jarltech’s overall partner network by sharing knowledge and understanding. Through the partnership we have been able to gain a huge amount of insight into healthcare as a vertical market; the challenges, legislation, procurement and solution requirements. 

This has allowed us to upskill our staff and create a core focus on healthcare as a vertical market so we can better service our partners in this field. There is so much experience inside Dakota of our unique end of IT that through conversations and socialising, we learn more and more each day about the market we work in.

8. What are Dakota’s specific USPs?

Time for an acronym!

Direct – You always know where you stand with them as a supplier or customer.

Approachable – The warmth and can-do attitude goes a long way!

Kinetic – These people never stop and it’s all for their customers - they keep moving forward.

Open – They have nothing to hide, they build trust and partnership with this approach.

Talented – In every area of the business, the talent and capability shines through.

Authority – They know what they’re talking about and are trusted advisors on many subjects.


9. And finally, what do you hope the future holds for Jarltech’s relationship with Dakota?

Just more of the same. We couldn’t ask for more of a partnership focus and we enjoy the relationship, friendship and opportunities to celebrate and learn. Here’s to a strong 2024 together!