'Vendor Spotlight Of The Month' Interview With Phil Sanders At Zebra Technologies

20th June 2022

Welcome to the fourth of our ‘Vendor Spotlight of the Month’ interviews!

In the past we have brought you both customer interviews and staff interviews, so we thought it would be interesting to see what our vendors have to say about us!

This month we spoke with Phil Sanders, Northern Europe Sales Director at Zebra Technologies, to find out his thoughts on all things Dakota!

1. How long have you been in your current role at Zebra Technologies?

I have been with Zebra Technologies for over seven years and in my current role as Sales Director for the last three years. I have worked in the enterprise mobility sector for the past twenty years with different technology vendors and partners.

2. What does your role within Zebra Technologies involve?

I am the Sales Director for Zebra’s emerging markets business across Northern Europe, driving Zebra’s Enterprise Asset Intelligence solutions into Healthcare, Manufacturing, Field Operations and Governments organisations. 

3. How long have you known the team at Dakota?

I have worked with the team at Dakota for over 15 years in my current and previous roles. 

4. What is Dakota like to interact with on a business basis?

The Zebra and Dakota teams interact on a daily basis to support customers’ needs across the Healthcare and Manufacturing verticals. The Dakota team demonstrate great professionalism and exhibit extensive market expertise when interacting with customers.

5. What attributes do you require in a Zebra Technologies Partner?

Partnership is key to Zebra’s success across the emerging markets we address. We require a collaborative approach in developing joint solutions that address the needs of organisations across the emerging markets and full alignment to our go-to-market message to drive brand development for both organisations.

6. How do you think Dakota contributes to the Zebra Technologies Partner Community?

Dakota has been valued member of Zebra’s Partner Connect program for the last twenty years, bringing a great wealth of knowledge and expertise across Zebra’s complete portfolio of technology. We have invested in joint solutions that meet the market needs of Healthcare & Manufacturing organisations as demonstrated on the customer success pages of Dakota’s new website. 

7. What are Dakota’s specific USPs?

Dakota’s USPs include a level of agility to develop new solutions that address the business challenges facing companies today, combined with their expertise and extensive technical knowledge of Zebra’s complete range of technologies. 

8. And finally, what do you hope the future holds for Zebra Technologies’ relationship with Dakota?

As the Dakota and Zebra partnership has demonstrated in the last twenty years, the innovation of solutions and market expertise are key to addressing future customer issues across the Healthcare and Manufacturing markets we serve.