'Vendor Spotlight Of The Month' Interview With Valentijn Kaspers At Man & Machine

22nd January 2024

Welcome to the eighth of our ‘Vendor Spotlight of the Month’ interviews!

In the past we have brought you both customer interviews and staff interviews, so we thought it would be interesting to see what our vendors have to say about us!

This month we spoke with Valentijn Kaspers, International Account Manager at Man & Machine, to find out his thoughts on all things Dakota!

1. How long have you been in your current role at Man & Machine?

I have been working at Man & Machine in my current role since October 2022.

2. What does your role within Man & Machine involve?

As an International Account Manager, I am responsible for initiating and maintaining contacts with our partners in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. In addition, I team up with our local partners to support their customers as well. 

3. How long have you known the team at Dakota?

Dakota was one of the first customers I reached out to after joining Man & Machine in October 2022, however the partnership between our two companies started more than 10 years ago.

4. What is Dakota like to interact with on a business basis?

I tend to speak with the Dakota team on a regular basis and we have a great working relationship! I know that they will always reach out to me directly when they need support on any opportunity within the healthcare sector.

5. What attributes do you require in a Man & Machine Partner?

Within our partner ecosystem we like to work with companies that share the same values with regard to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, whilst delivering quality products that will do the job and support them where necessary. Dakota is a great ambassador for Man & Machine and we hope they find the same to be true for us.

6. How do you think Dakota contributes to the Man & Machine Partner Community

Dakota is a fantastic gateway for our products to the UK hospital and healthcare community. We love how Dakota integrate our products into their solutions to achieve digitalisation within the medical sector, such as in their applications for bedside point-of-care.

7. What are Dakota’s specific USPs?

We see that Dakota has that ability to take on projects that go deep into the hospital’s way of working, connecting hardware and software seamlessly. They offer a very complete package that can really unburden the healthcare facility in many ways. Also, Dakota’s Account Managers all offer such a vast experience rooted in the implementation of hardware assets that is of tremendous value not just to their customers, but also to any supplier who cares about how their products are represented in the field.

8. And finally, what do you hope the future holds for Man & Machine’s relationship with Dakota?

Man & Machine hopes that for future projects, Dakota will continue to select our medical grade keyboards and mice. We hope Dakota continues to find products within our portfolio that fit their customers’ needs and requirements. It would be great if we could also work on customised solutions if these need to be considered. It will also be rewarding to continue to support those customers that have already chosen Man & Machine as their preferred supplier.