Voice-Care Forms Partnership With Leecare To Optimise & Augment Digital Clinical Solutions With Voice-Enabled Technology

4th June 2024

Voice-Care International Ltd is delighted to announce its partnership with Leecare, the leading provider of high-value, low-cost and clinically-robust digital turnkey solutions to the care sector. 

Delivering technology to connect providers across the care continuum to enable person-centred support for more than twenty years, Leecare’s solutions harbour a deep emphasis on quality and outcomes, helping to digitally transform the aged care sector whilst taking into account rising costs and a progressively complex regulatory environment.

With live trials due to commence in the UK during the month of June, with a view to a trial extension throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, the new partnership with Voice-Care allows Leecare’s existing solutions to become voice-enabled, helping to adhere to the sector’s ever-growing compliance requirements and the need to become even more efficient and productive due to an increase in demand and substantial growth in the aging population. 

Delivering a suite of voice-enabled ground-breaking applications and solutions specifically designed for the healthcare sector to progressively transform safety and care, Voice-Care enables greater staff satisfaction whilst ensuring 100% compliance with standardised processes and procedures through admission, ongoing care delivery and evaluation activities. It also prioritises and manages the administration of medicines as well as the daily charting, assessment, care planning and clinical observations through the use of voice-directed technology.

The partnership with Leecare also allows clinicians and caregivers to work hands and eyes free, ensuring that they can maintain eye contact with the resident, enabling more personalised engagement levels without having to refer to paper notes or documents, or disrupt concentration whilst understanding and undertaking critical care requirements. 

Philip Jarrett, Executive Director at Voice-Care comments, “We are delighted to be partnering with such an esteemed and progressive company on this exciting new project. Working with Leecare within this space is a significant milestone for our business moving forward. 

The team at Leecare is extremely well set up and deeply experienced within the care industry.  Their already dynamic and feature-rich residential care platform is extremely powerful in terms of functionality and now, with the addition of Voice-Care, the two solutions will work alongside each other to deliver even more efficiencies and optimisation for all carers using the Leecare platform.

Our collective aim is to deliver increased productivity whilst empowering the carers within their day-to-day care programs to be able to utilise a system that is intuitive and easy to adopt for all staff members, helping to make the day-to-day collection of data simple whilst enabling optimised resident-carer interaction and a positive experience for all residents.

We are thrilled to have embarked on this new-found partnership with Leecare; it has been a total pleasure working with Caroline, Annick and the wider Leecare team in order to put this exciting and forward-thinking partnership into place.”

Caroline Lee, Director and Group Chief Executive Officer at Leecare concludes, “Likewise, Leecare is very excited to work with the very committed and supportive team at Voice-Care in order to offer this collaborative solution to our clients in an effort to establish this as a norm within the sector where possible, in addition to supporting staff once again in spending more time with residents and less time on the ‘paperwork’ – whether that be typing or hand writing.”

For more information about Voice-Care, visit www.voice-care.com.

To learn more about Leecare, visit www.leecare.co.uk.