Barcode Scanning

portable barcode scanner scanning pill bottle


The use of barcode technology in hospitals has multiple benefits from both a patient safety and productivity perspectives.

Dakota has worked with the barcode standards company GS1 UK to drive the adoption of barcoding technologies within the NHS, pioneering the way for the 2D Datamatrix barcode to be the symbology of choice for its flexibility and performance.

Dakota has also invested significant time and development in having two fully certified solutions under the GS1 umbrella:

  • PASidMED to provide seamless integration with numerous systems and applications for patient identification, fully compliant with the new ISB1077 for barcoding on patient wristbands.

  • SCANidMED – for the barcode marking and reading of instruments used in a theatre or surgical environment

Dakota offer a wide range of healthcare specific barcode scanners (both tethered and cordless) from major manufacturers such as Datalogic, Motorola and Socket, our service also include optional pre-configuration of the scanners to your specific requirements prior to shipping.

Barcode technology can be used for a variety of applications within a hospital environment :-

  • Patient admissions:

    • patient tracking
    • case notes tracking
  • Laboratory:

    • specimen tracking
    • blood bag traceability & transfusion tracking
    • breast milk tracking
  • Theatre:

    • surgical instruments tracking (including Direct Park Marking and Identification)

  • Pharmacy:

    • medication dispensing process
    • medication replenishment adn inventory management


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