"Dakota Turns 20" - A Celebratory Poem Written By Ellie Jarrett

21st June 2022

Many events occurred in 2002,
The Commonwealth Games and World Cup to name a few,
But none of these things seemed to matter one iota,
When Keith from Bolton formed a company called Dakota.

The idea was sprung when driving his car,
Not sure where to go or what lay in futures afar,
But turning up his radio he listened to a song,
And suddenly all his worries were buried and gone.

The future was clear, and he knew what to do,
Keith quickly got to work and assembled his crew.
Two decades have passed since he had his idea,
So let’s celebrate as Dakota turns twenty this year.

No company is complete without a formidable team,
A group of people who Keith holds in very high esteem,
So who do we have in this brigade up North,
Who worked hard to achieve and will continue henceforth?

From sales and marketing to accounts and support,
We all have one thing at the front of our thoughts -
To work really hard to maintain a solid stature,
And a first-class knowledge of all things data capture.

So let’s celebrate with joy as we look back on the years  
Hip hip hooray, chink chink and cheers!
Let’s enjoy the day and reminisce a plenty,
Because today the fabulous Dakota turns twenty.