Honeywell Voice SRX3 Wireless Headset

Featuring the next generation in Bluetooth wireless headset technology, the Honeywell Voice SRX3 raises the standard in mobile workforce ergonomics, productivity and accuracy whilst enabling voice-directed workflow efficiencies. Thanks to its flexible configuration options and superior speech recognition technology, the SRX3 offers mobile workforce empowerment within a variety of industrial applications.

Featuring Honeywell SoundSense® technology, the SRX3 incorporates additional microphones to detect and reduce unwanted noise interference by up to 50% to provide enhanced audio clarity, while simplified device connectivity allows for quick device pairing, reducing set-up times and enhancing workflow speed.

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  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Standard, cupped or hard hat versions available
  • Reduces unwanted noise interference
  • Simplified device connectivity
  • High-performance battery
  • Enhanced audio clarity
  • IP54 durability rating

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